With over thirty years of Registered Nursing experience both here in Australia and the UK, I have discovered it is never wise to take our health for granted whether it be our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or situational. Working in management roles I completed the necessary Business Management qualifications but for my own personal interest, I also studied and completed a Graduate Diploma of Health Science (Health Education/Health Promotion) at University.

Whilst Nursing and working in management roles with the responsibility of the wellbeing of large numbers of staff, I have been privy to countless personal stories and situations. Maintaining all I hear confidential is second nature to me as to is assisting others to manage their situation in the best way for them.
Personal and Professional experience together with Health and Wellness studies, I believe that regardless of our stage of life, we must be optimally healthy. There is no stage in life more vital than any other to pause, check-in and ask ourselves- Am I as healthy as I can be? Do I find joy in life every day?

What is my aim?

To assist women to live the best life they can whilst appreciating the exciting opportunity each stage of life provides for us to blossom and truly enjoy the various stages of our lives.

Why I do what I do

From the time I was a young girl, I have always wanted to help people. As soon as I finished high school, I embarked on my nursing career and have loved every opportunity and experience it has provided. I am not sure if this has ever happened to you but as I approached midlife, I felt like something just wasn’t right and I didn’t feel myself.

I went to the doctor and had blood tests to determine if I was menopausal. The doctor informed me that my blood tests were all perfectly normal and I shouldn’t expect to begin menopause for a year or so yet.

As far as the doctor was concerned, I was fine, and she sent me on my way. Despite being informed that all is good, I, however, know my body and wasn’t satisfied to ignore the signs my body was sending to me. With the support of my husband I set out on a journey of further study in Peri-Post Menopause and applied all I learned to reclaim my sense of health and spark.

Eager and equipped to help others to do the same, I have included menopause wellness coaching to my practice to enable me to support other women to achieve their optimal health and joyfulness.

What I do

I support and guide women through all stages of life whilst acknowledging the guidance needed is as unique as we all are individual.

If life isn’t joyful for you, we will work together to look at and address potential patterns that may have developed over your lifetime that are creating stress and harm.

I will provide a safe environment for you to share and confide with me what you are experiencing, how you are feeling and thinking. If hormones are an issue such as during the lead up to and during menopause for example, I will work with you to connect to your unique power so you feel in control of your hormones, re-energized, confident and enjoying life.

Want to talk to someone?

I support and guide women through menopause whilst acknowledging the guidance needed leading up to and through menopause. If you are having troubles, please contact me today and let me support you in developing a smooth transition into this enjoyable and exciting time of life.