Affordable wellness sessions and packages that will help you achieve optimal health & joyfulness

My wellness sessions and packages help to get you back on track as quick as possible. As I am a Doula, I do things a little differently to other wellness coaches. I am able to “hold the space” and provide reassurance, empathy and comfort. The goals of all of my sessions are to ensure you feel safe and supported at all stages of life.

Online & studio sessions

Wellness Coaching offered either face to face, phone or via zoom

60 minutes – $95
30 MINUTES – $60

In each session, we will work together to break down and digest current health and lifestyle habits so as to get a true picture of opportunities to improve holistic self -care knowledge and routine. I will present and coach down to earth, easy to follow, step by step practices to improve overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. This process will be inspiring and exciting as I coach you to optimal health regardless of the stage of life’s journey you are on.

Each session will be educational inclusive of some home ‘play’ to take away and measurement of progress on return consultations.
Every session will be relevant to the goals and needs of each client. Benefits of good nutrition and gut health will be discussed, and stress reduction techniques put into practice. Strategies for improving sleep, balancing hormones, prioritizing meaningful relationships, daily fun and exercises shared.

Herbal teas beneficial for women will be served.

Menopause Doula face to face to enable ‘holding the space’, phone or via zoom.

60 minutes – $95
30 MINUTES – $60

In each Menopause doula face to face session, I provide friendly coaching whilst “holding the space” to support emotions during this phase of life. If attending Pause and Smell the Lavender is not possible, phone and zoom sessions can also be arranged. There is so much to enjoy about midlife and “The Change” but there are times during peri-post menopause, however, just like at any stage of life when we need the company, comfort and understanding of a caring other. Our circumstances are all unique and for some even if just temporarily a ‘sister’ to share the experience, confide in and have a laugh with may not be available or accessible at a time when we need her.

Mini consultation and Reiki

30 minutes – $60

Reiki is a form of energy healing involving the transfer of universal energy by laying on hands to assist in the flow of stagnant energy.
It is understood that relaxation, pain relieving, improved healing of physical injuries and emotional states such a depression as well as elevated mood and wellbeing benefits have been experienced as a result of Reiki.

Getting to know each client at the beginning of any session is essential. I will ask that you advise of any painful or areas you do not wish to be touched prior to the session.

Your comfort is essential for optimal relaxation. I will ask you to remain fully clothed and to choose between soft reiki music or no music, to sit or lie on the table.

With your permission, I will place my hands either on or slightly over specific areas of the head, limbs and torso. Each hand position is held until I sense the energy has stopped flowing. Once the session is complete, I will ask you to sit up slowly and support you to do so. I will also ask that you sit and offer you a cool drink to ensure you are fully grounded before leaving.
Relax without expectation, take the time out for yourself to restore and enjoy the peace.

Mini consultation and The Bars®

30 minutes – $60

“How does it get any better than this?”

Life is full of unimaginable possibilities, but sometimes past fears, beliefs and negative experiences prevent us from making the most of life’s opportunities.

The Bars® are 32 points on the head where we have stored a lifetime of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions and attitudes that are potentially preventing us from achieving and realizing future possibilities.

Having The Bars® run slows down the brain waves allowing lifelong behavioural patterns, belief systems and points of view to be accessed. This prevents old patterns from the past from projecting into our future the same way as they have in the past and we start to become more present in our life.

As with Reiki, your comfort is essential for optimal relaxation. I will ask you to remain fully clothed but I will ask you to lie on the table there will be no music.

With your permission, I will place my fingers on the 32 points of the head. Each hand position is held until I sense the timing to move onto the next point. This is your time to receive, if you would like less or more pressure from my fingers, I will ask that you advise me so.

Once the session is complete, I will ask you to sit up slowly and support you to do so. I will also ask that you sit and offer you a cool drink to ensure you are fully grounded before leaving.

Weight control

30 minutes – $60
60 minutes – $95

Taking some medications can make weight regulation difficult to manage. Whilst I leave all matters regarding medications between the client and her GP, I am able to work with clients to take a greater rein over their weight.

Sleep guidance

30 minutes – $60
60 minutes – $95

Optimal health relies on getting enough quality sleep. We can expect to have the odd sleepless night but if we deny ourselves of sleep on a regular basis, we will begin to feel the adverse effects. I will work with you to create a good sleep practice; this is one habit you will not want to break.

Stress management

30 MINUTES – $60
60 MINUTES – $95

Short term stress can be great for assisting us to get things done but long term, unmanaged stress is very harmful to our health and wellbeing. I will introduce and coach you through stress management strategies that will help you to respond to stress in a more beneficial way.

Mini consultation and Color therapy inclusive of aromatherapy

30 minutes – $60

We are attracted to colours that match our personality and how we are feeling.
The colour we are drawn to (or the colour we pull away from) tells us a lot about what is working well for us and other things we may need support with.

Colors and the properties of plants go hand in hand.

We will look at the message of the colour/s you are drawn to and match it with essential oils and affirmations to keep you performing at your best, radiant, energized, and supported.

Esoteric Package Mini consultation, Meditation, Tarot and mini astrology

60 minutes – $95

I have read the tarot and referred to astrology for twenty years for guidance, provoking thought and discussion. If further clarification is required, I have a number of other decks of cards including angel cards that I consult.

I will read what I see and share intuitive thoughts from the tarot. Astrology is great for planning upcoming events or occasions. I will require a date of birth in advance to save time during the session.

Together we will ascertain from the consultation and discussions during the tarot and mini astrology the most suitable meditation to induce relaxation from the selection of Guided meditations available.

Energy Healing Package Mini consultation, Reiki, meditation and color therapy

60 minutes – $95

As per explanations provided above.

Want to talk to someone?

I support and guide women through menopause whilst acknowledging the guidance needed leading up to and through menopause. If you are having troubles, please contact me today and let me support you in developing a smooth transition into this enjoyable and exciting time of life.